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K.Hill - 5 days ago

How I got rid of my unwanted hair forever (without laser!)

It's one thing to remove unwanted facial hair, but it's another to keep it away.

What I'm about to tell you is a crazy, ingenious and useful method to not only get rid of body hair, but also keep it away.

I suffer from PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome. For those of you lucky enough not to know what that is, it means my hormones are out of whack.

This has unpleasant side effects, including more body hair than a woman would reasonably want.

And all over my face...

Over the years, I've tried all sorts of things to get rid of my excessive hair and keep it in check. But nothing worked all that well.

I had almost given up.

Then something happened that set me off.

I had more or less resigned myself to how I looked when I went to buy gas at the station one day.

The cashier said to me, "Is that all for you sir, I mean ma'am."

I was horrified to be mistaken for a man even for a second.

I went home and looked at myself in the mirror, and sure enough, I had hair on my face. Even more than the last time I tried to pull it out! That was the last straw for me.

There had to be a better way.

When I went home that day, I decided to look for the best hair removal product I could find on my own, something that would give me smooth skin without much effort and hassle.

After a lot of online research, I found the Smooth Glide product.

But to be honest, I was still very skeptical. I'm always very skeptical of anything I read online.

And it seemed too good to be true....

But I kept reading the reviews and here's what I found:

What is Smooth Glide?

It is an automatic epilator. The moment it touches the hairs, it removes them instantly. The Smooth Glide instantly removes hair as small as a grain of sand.

It not only removes hair, but also actively exfoliates the skin!

It's not just for leg hair either! It's thorough, but gentle on the skin. And it even exfoliates while removing hair, so it can be used for underarms, bikini line, arms, feet and even the face!

How it works.

The Smooth Glide's powerful hair wiper technology gently but firmly attaches to the hair and gently pulls it out of the root. It's the same effect as waxing, but without the hot, painful wax or the sudden jerky movements. 

And because the hair is peeled off as it is removed, there are no more ingrown hairs or scars like with waxing. Another advantage is that the Smooth Glide can be used on hair the size of a grain of sand. So unlike waxing, you don't have to wait until the hair reaches a certain unsightly length before you can remove it!

The secret? It lies in the technology of the nano epilator. Smooth Glide is strong enough for any hair, but gentle enough to be used on any skin - without risk of cuts, burns or chemical rashes.

Quickly and easily remove unsightly hair on

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Bikini line

  • Face

  • Armpits

The good news is that it is 100% safe to use and does not irritate the skin.

But you may be wondering if it's really worth the hype?

Well, so far Smooth Glide has sold more than 10 million units! These orders have been placed directly with consumers, without going the easy route of retail!

Smooth Glide actually sells out every time a new supply is available!

It has become popular.

That's because of word of mouth. Because people like you and I like it so much that the reviews alone tell you about it!

Smooth Glide has become something of a cult. With more than 14,000 verified 5-star customers, see what they say:

Seriously, I will never be without this product

"One of my fears in life is going without a shave. With 3 teenagers at home, I unfortunately wasn't able to maintain the time-consuming beauty routine I was used to before I got married. But with Smooth Glide, life is so much easier! I just glide it over the unwanted hair and I'm done!"

Get the job done... literally.

"Waxing body hair as a profession has brought me into contact with too many disgusting hairy situations! When I heard about this product, I didn't think twice about buying it and trying it out. I mean, I was skeptical at first, but now I will never go back to waxing.... I have saved so much time and my clients are always very impressed!"

One of my best purchases this year

"AMAZING! Do yourself a favor... Buy Smooth Glide now. I mean, unless you like a losing battle with messy body hair and endless ingrown hairs...!"


The timing was good too, because my bikini line was getting out of control again. After reading these reviews and seeing that there was a money back guarantee, I was pretty much convinced. I just had to try Smooth Glide for myself.

How did it work for me?

I ordered a Smooth Glide for myself. 

It came faster than I expected and it was worth the wait.

My legs had just been waxed, but the hairs were already starting to come out, but they weren't long enough to grow again. 

I was skeptical about using the Smooth Glide to remove those pesky black dots, but I knew I had to try it no matter what.

It was easy to follow the instructions.

It is recommended to use the Smooth Glide with a warm washcloth or after a hot shower to open the pores, and then smooth the Smooth Glide against the hair at a horizontal angle.

It was so easy to use, and it was very satisfying to see my hair disappear, with no greasy shaving cream, no nicks, scratches, or weird rashes from the depilatory cream.

I did have to rinse my Smooth Glide with water occasionally to remove the hair, but that was the only inconvenience.

Wow, after 30 minutes my legs were sparkling clean!

And what they say about the Smooth Glide exfoliating while removing hair is no joke! My legs felt like I had just rubbed them with a wonderful sugar scrub, so smooth!

"It was the kind of experience where you see a difference immediately," says the director.

I felt like I was in a hidden camera TV commercial or something!

Do you want to know the best?

Absolutely no irritation... That part was true too!

I was so grateful to know that I could get rid of my unwanted hair in a healthy and affordable way, and most importantly, that I would no longer feel like an outsider.

Without this internet journey, I would have never discovered Smooth Glide and would still be cutting myself with razor blades and struggling with ingrown hairs.

Best of all? The more I use it, the less I have to do! The hair that grows back where I've used the Smooth Glide is finer and softer. Still, the Smooth Glide catches everything, and the hair slowly disappears altogether. I haven't shaved my legs in a month and they look smooth as diamonds!!!

And I haven't had to pluck my face again either!

I really never thought the day would come, but I never have to spend money on razors and hair removal again! And so much time has passed that I will not think about it again!

How much does it cost?

SmoothGlide costs less than a waxing session for a device. That's right, for the low cost of less than one dinner, you have the only hair removal product you will ever need!!!! If the average woman spends $10,000 on hair removal in her lifetime, I think this is a real bargain!!!!

And with the money-back guarantee, you can't go wrong.

Is it worth it?

If you're like me (and most American women), then ABSOLUTELY yes.

Not only will you save time and money, but you won't have to shave, wax or use chemical creams to remove your hair!

Considering you'd probably pay the same price (probably even more) for a luxury electric razor, this really is a must-have!


As of Monday, September 25, 2023, Smooth Glide is out of stock due to high demand. We recommend you purchase as soon as possible as this offer may be removed at any time**.

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    Sasha R.

    Has anyone used this themselves?

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    Tina M.

    Hey Sasha, yes, the Smooth Glide is fantastic. Wearing shorts is fun again - one of the best purchases I've made in a long time!

    Reply 1 9:22
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    Valerie D.

    My daughter had recommended this SmoothGlide to me :)

    Reply 2 8:12
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    Maria M


    Reply 10 4:59
  • avatar

    Eleanor M

    I received 2 instead of 1 and just got to keep the other one, really nice service.

    Reply 3 3:30

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